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The Transformation of Beauty Packaging in Asia Pacific

Exquisite as well as creative packaging has provided brands with a mean to differentiate themselves among their competitors in beauty and cosmetic sector. According to report released by Research and Markets with title “Global Cosmetic Packaging Market”, during 2014-2020 the Asia Pacific (APAC) region expected to experience the fastest growth in cosmetic packaging.


Japan and South Korea has been identified to produce the most innovative cosmetic packaging in Asia Pacific, as stated by Jessica Simon, Assistant Event Manager, Beauty Indonesia.  Simon also stated about the characteristics of Shoppers in APAC, in which they are characterized by “Savvy Shoppers” who are not loyal to single brand, therefore brands have to innovate continuously to grab customers’ attention. Etude house has given the example as the brand innovating its packaging that has made it famous with “princess identity”.

The emerging growth of Halal Packaging has been the dominant trend, especially in Indonesian market.  As Halal certified product and services grow, Halal certification becomes increasingly seen by which brands can increase their marketability. As part of government regulation, most local companies in Indonesia are producing Halal beauty products.

Following the world-wide beauty trend, eco-friendliness also gains more importance. Premium brands are now developing renewable and recyclable packaging materials as sustainable alternative to traditional materials to ensure consumers about the brands’ responsibility to environment. Methods such as using high quality recycled plastic, sustainable wood finishing and including natural or colorless closures have been identified in the market.

K-pop trend has also influenced the cosmetic companies to innovate and be creative with their brand identities communicated through packaging. Following the popular Korean “Gwiyomi” meaning “cute”, brands feature confectionery and animals picture on products’ packaging creating playful and fun packaging.

In addition, cosmetic brands are also investing heavily on implementation of digital innovation in their packaging to enable advanced interactive experience with the customers. Popular ways including quick response codes, barcode technology and near field communication (NFC). Besides allowing interactive communication, these also may improve brand loyalty and create engagement between brands and consumers.

Original article from: https://www.cosmeticsdesign.com/Article/2016/09/07/Halal-leads-cosmetic-packaging-trends-dominating-the-market

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/1cHnHtuNAcc

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