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Packaging Design Trends in 2019

Package design trends emerge from the things that consumer want to see. Catchy words and bright colours that stand out in the shelf might be the examples. As it is important to know the outlook of packaging design landscape in this coming New Year, there are several packaging design trends to see in 2019 and beyond.


#1 is Pack Transparency: It is important for consumers to view the actual product. Consumers are curious to know the actual product really like. Consumers may judge the freshness of the product by looking through the transparent pack.

#2 is Experience: People buy experience, not just product. This trend is being translated by the packaging designers by looking at the entire shopping experience including un-boxing experience.

#3 is Green is better: The issue of sustainability that is becoming more important to customer. The 3R – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle packaging is gaining importance to today consumers. Think efficiency (limiting use of packaging material), think eco-packaging (using edible wrapper or completely decomposed packaging), and think second life packaging (post consumer recycled materials) are the key strategies.

#4 is Story Telling: Build a story about the product. Brand story can be conveyed in different mediums. Through words and messages on pack, colours, patterns, shape, size and even simple visual cues. Emotional connective stories can be a way to humanize your brand and boost up sales.

#5 is Keep it Simple: Easier to read and digest as well as for your eyes to take in at a glance is important. The challenge for brand marketers are to create simplicity and make sure the essential information can be effectively conveyed to consumers. Bold fonts and fewer words may be increasingly seen in the market.

#6 is Personalization: Personalization is the process of tailoring product packaging design to the individual target market or person’s name, characteristics, or preferences. Consumers have increasingly used technology for shopping, so it is not impossible to enhance the personal connection between consumers and brand. Beyond simple personalization as to call out the consumers’ name, future products should be tailored according to different consumers’ needs.

These are the six trends to be seen in packaging design in 2019. In Metaform, we have a dedicated product development team that is always ready to assist you in optimizing the packaging design.


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