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Packaging in Food Delivery Services

Designing packaging for delivering food from your restaurant to the customer can be a tricky business, making sure the product can keep it's appetizing features even after it's delivered to the customer. Here are some examples on how restaurants take great lengths to ensure their products arrive in the customer's hand with all their appetizing features preserved


Businesses entering the food industry, especially restaurants must make sure that their product has the same consistency any time a customer consume their product. Some consistencies that should be focused on, are consistency on portions, size, shape, and even texture. Aside from the variables that we have mentioned, taste has been the penultimate measure, where making sure the product tastes as good as it is in the restaurants, or even when it's taken out or delivered.

Ensuring the food product can have the same texture and taste after it's taken out or delivered is a challenge itself. Heat contained in the food container, and external conditions provides a challenging experience for restaurant owners to keep their product as fresh as possible. Handling of the product during delivery, can also result in changes in the product quality, which provide nightmares for restaurant owners.

Nowadays, restaurant owners are more aware of this issue. Sheri Miksa, president and CEO of Mazzio's Italian Eatery, emphasized the importance of the issue, where according to him, the excellence of the product must be maintained once received by the customer, albeit in store, or by delivery or take out. Sheri Miksa also emphasize on the necessity of custom packaging that can handle their product and ensure it is delivered with excellent quality to their customers.

Accepting the customized packaging idea, San Fransisco restaurant chain "The Melt", took great lengths to ensure their products are delivered as fresh as possible. The Melt worked together with Eco Products Inc to create packaging that get moisture out of their packaged food. The packaging, a bio degradable paper box, is fitted with ventilation holes and ridges to elevate the sandwiches so that air can flow below the sandwiches allowing moisture to flow out of the packaging. Their unique approach, resulted in their sandwiches arrive in the hands of their customer crisp without any moist to make the sandwich wet and soggy, encapsulating the taste.

Investing on the delivery system through unique packaging research and development, goes a long way according to Sheri Miksa. He stated, that the delivery and packaging of food product for restaurant is a direct reflection of the restaurant chain brand. Ensuring the quality of the delivery system through packaging, can help make sure delivery experience is as excellent as the in-restaurant experience, he stated.


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